People and Philosophy

 Asolo Manor Wine AMW

AMW is the challenge of Ruggero, Walter and Giuseppe!

Three men, three stories, three different experiences united in a single philosophy: a love for their region and the desire to create a small corner of Heaven in Asolo.

The emotional link to their land, their peasant roots and the passion for the true local history are the glue of the synergistic ideas of Ruggero, Walter and Giuseppe, who have long dedicated their energies to bring a heroic and ambitious project to life:




In Asolo, at the top of via San Martino, the old farmhouse and the splendid vineyard dominates the valley!

To respect, protect and further develop the configuration and features of the land are at the same time a heroic challenge and a strong motivation, so Ruggero.

Ruggero, Walter and Giuseppe’s vital efforts at Asolo Manor resulted in a oasis of hospitality, refreshment, calm and relaxation. Surrounded by the vineyards, unforgettable moments can be experienced enhanced by the enjoyable tasting of exclusive wines.

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